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Dronelab is India's leading company in providing drone solutions. Our solutions comprise varied industrial applications like Surveying, Mapping, Construction, Agriculture, Surveillance, and more. We were established in 2016, and with our experience, we have developed a significant market share in major and minor sectors across the globe.

We are actively funded and supported by the Government of Gujarat, and the Gujarat Technological University. Dronelab is the pioneer organization in developing drone applications in India. Dronelab has its best foot forward in developing drone applications in India as per customer requirements.

Since its incorporation, Dronelab has successfully built a unique platform using cutting-edge tools and technology. These tools and platforms integrate automated flight planning apps, UAV agnostic cloud platforms, and AI-ML with automated drone applications. A well-developed organization with great experience, we have our in-house design and software development team.

We have a dedicated team of trainers and service providers that cater to the need of operations. At Dronelab, we constantly evolve and have an R&D center focusing on future technology and scope. With all these handy resources under one umbrella, we are bound to offer higher performance and reliability, catering to your needs.

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  • Mission

    Dronelab is a medium that bridges the gap between images and information. Our mission is to provide accurate and informed decisions by constantly building algorithms and mastering data extraction.

  • Vision

    We desire to see data turn into actionable insights. We look forward to extracting the best information and data just-in-time for you to make the right decision.

  • Action

    With a passion to serve and cater to a wide range of requirements, our experts are determined to provide you with the best drone solutions in the market.

    We will constantly be looking for new and smart solutions to give you the information - what you need, what amount you need, and when you need it.


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We stand tall in experience in every field, in every perspective. Our skillset speaks more in the form of actionable insights that advances with every passing day.

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Need help extracting the best information and data just-in-time?

We at Dronelab help extract data and information catering to the need of operations.

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