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Real time & accurate insight into security, Remote Area Inspection, Risk Assessment and perimeter control.

  • Farm Survey
  • Crop Insurance
  • Contract farming
  • Agro Agency
  • Forest department
  • CSR


40x times faster than manual labour, Reaches Inaccessible Areas, Higher Efficiency in Lesser Time, Larger Reach in Lesser Time Uniform Spraying, No Harmful Side-effects on Manual Labour. Use: - Farm spraying - Mosquito spraying - For algae plants in the pond - Locust Control

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Seed throwing

The geotagged Drone Swarms can be used to drop about lakhs of seed balls per day, making it the fastest way of sowing seeds. The path followed by drones are geotagged, facilitating periodic drones, monitoring of sown areas to collect tree statistics and help taking corrective steps for efficient farming. The Drones can also play a major role in increasing the tree cover to increase the area under forest.

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Crop Counting

Count Entire Fields in Just Minutes Combining computer vision and articial intelligence, we provide the highest degree of data accuracy to any operation. Detailed and Overview Analysis AvailableReducing costs for farmers is something we strive to bring to the agriculture industry. As such, we offer both a detailed plant population analysis for more precise counts or an overview analysis for a general plant population by field zone.

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Crop disease analysis

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Field Monitor

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Cloud Management system

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