Intelligent Aerial Solutions

Our premium drone services transform how decision makers manage the energy, efficiency and safety demands of the 21st century.

Surveying & Mapping

Photogrammetric Surveying and Mapping is more accurate and accessible than ever


Track your construction work progress, reduce costs and increase productivity with smarter construction project management


Tackle Agriculture challenges in the field by transferring images into information to maximize operational efficiency.


Digitization of your infrastructure assets, all the way from maintenance inspections to Governance, Risk management & Compliance.


Real time & accurate insight into security, Remote Area Inspection, Risk Assessment and perimeter control

Research & Development

Completely developed in-house R&D, to provide end-to-end solutions of an array of Drone requirements in Industries

About Dronelab

Dronelab is India’s leading Drone service provider for various industrial applications like Surveying & Mapping, Construction, Agriculture, Surveillance, etc. Founded in 2016, the organization has a major share in the market in many sectors.

Dronelab is the pioneer organization to develop drone applications in India. Since its emergence Dronelab has developed a unique platform using cutting edge tools that integrates automated flight planning app, UAV agnostic cloud platform, machine learning and AI to automate drone applications.

An Immensely developed organization with in-house R&D, design, software, services and training operations, Dronelab delivers outstanding end-to-end solutions for an array drone of requirements in various sectors. The company is constantly innovating and experimenting, to offer better performance and higher reliability.

Our Core Values

Our Mission
Dronelab is the bridge between images and information. We’re constantly developing algorithms & expertise to extract data to let you make informed decisions.
Our Vision
We want to see data turn into actionable insights. Providing you with the best information when you need it so you can make the right decision on your schedule.
Our Promise
We will always stay authentic. Our experts are passionate in what they do. We’ll constantly be looking for new clever solutions, determined to give you the information you need, when you need it.

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